Let’s wear new clothes and pretend it’s spring.

Today I am hopping on a plane and heading for Florida. YES.

Over the last week I have checked the weather anxiously everyday, letting its consistent sun brighten my soul and restore my faith in spring break. So it snowed 8 inches here on Monday. IN FLORIDA IT IS 80. So it rained icy water down my back as I was running yesterday. IN FLORIDA IT RAINS SUNSHINE AND SMILES. Yes, I am going there to speak at a conference, so most of the sun I see will be through a window… but I am counting it. I even broke my sacred tights-until-April rule as I was packing. These pasty legs are ready for some vitamin D! Plus, I have ripped all my tights, so warm weather needs to get a move on it.

Before you get jealous, just wait and hear the exoticness that has defined the rest of my spring break. I bleached my comforter, changed sheets and only changed out my pjs a grand total of twice in the past 4 days, and both of those times I wore the same outfit. I made cookies and ate too much dough and — wait for  it — left the dishes in the sink overnight. People, this is me at my wildest. I studied a lot, graded a little, cleaned out my makeup bag, James’ closet, our box of random mail, and caught up on all my TV shows. Yes, I am living the life.

Last week, it actually felt springy, and I kind of feel like I got an extra spring break because James’ brother and his girlfriend spent theirs with us and we enjoyed ourselves more than we usually do during the week. Last Friday we hit the outlet malls at National Harbor for a day of shopping, and when we got back it was so warm, our new clothes were so exciting, and they were so cute, that I dragged them around Capitol Hill to take some photos. Because GREEN LEAVES! And SUN! And all those other things that spring is  withholding, at least until I go find them today in Florida.  Happy Spring y’all, from my dreary grey city to yours. Go put on some spiffy clothes and pretend it’s May.
Untitled-1Philipandarielle-27 Philipandarielle-28 Philipandarielle-41Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5

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17 Responses to Let’s wear new clothes and pretend it’s spring.

  1. Great pictures and I totally feel you on wanting to wear my new spring clothes. We have hit 80 a few times, but I’m ready for it to be warm for a while and not rollercoasty. Enjoy Florida!

    • Hannah says:

      It was sooooooo nice! I have a delightful little sunburn that is keeping me company as it SNOWS AGAIN TODAY.

      • We keep having a few nice days and then it dips back down into the 30’s which is cold here in Texas. The worst part is we’ve had almost no rain, snow, or ice. So, I’m having to water my lawn in March! March! It’s gonna be a long year!

  2. Ris says:

    Cuuuuute pictures. And yes, it is absolutely time for spring and NO MORE SNOW.

  3. Michele says:

    You’re awesome!!! Gorgeous pictures! Heading to Vegas next week for my hubby’s birthday and can’t wait to get some some and HEAT!!

  4. Those pictures are so great! Enjoy warm FL. That sounds lovely right now. I’m living in a dust bowl – blegh!

  5. Anna-bird says:

    Yeeeaaaahhh these could be an ad campaign.

  6. Sabine says:

    Great photos! I love her outfit.

  7. Bekah Koz says:

    Hahahaha “and — wait for it — left the dishes in the sink overnight. People, this is me at my wildest.”
    Hannah, we are very different people, but absolutely identical in those two sentences.

  8. joelcowen9 says:

    Can your brother in law help me with my spring wardrobe?

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