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Tyler & Katie

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When I’m alone.

So, I promise this isn’t as emotional as that title made you think. Seriously y’all, can’t have too many sappy posts in a row. Instead, this is a post to legitimately confess the deeply strange habits that one acquires when … Continue reading

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Everyday Doxology.

Most of the time I am strong enough for all the uncertainty that is lapping at the edges of our lives these days. Most of the time when people ask me how things are going with James gone, I can … Continue reading

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Birthday joy.

My birthday is this week and here are a couple highlight of the celebrations we’ve been having around here, because you asked. Except you didn’t. But you’re still reading this, which is basically the same as asking. ¬†Anyways, here it … Continue reading

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Get your latte off my late summer.

Somehow, everyone the Internet over started thinking that September constitutes fall. Personally, I blame Starbucks and that infernal Pumpkin Spice Latte. They roll it out September 1st, when most of us are still to sweaty to even consider wrapping our … Continue reading

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Jackie & David

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Down by the banks.

Hey y’all, how’s your week going? Over here things are resuming their typical, stressful early semester feel. I have spent most of the last two weeks trying to navigate complicated computer systems that supposedly will make the education world easier … Continue reading

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