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What I would do differently.

Confession: I still look through my wedding pictures a lot. James made me take down some of the millions that I had spread around our house once we had been married a year, but I still look through them on … Continue reading

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Nic & Susannah

From a torrential downpour in the middle of their summer engagement shoot, to driving snow in the middle of their wedding, from a commitment to love, to starting a life together as man and wife. Congratulations Nic and Susannah!

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My best friend’s wedding.

Right after Christmas, James and I headed back down to Kentucky for the last wedding of 2013. One of my best friends from childhood got married! Here are a couple snapshots from her awesome wedding. I gave a speech at … Continue reading

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Kegan & Jennette

Congratulations Kegan and Jennette!

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The wedding that finally happened.

Remember when Ana-Joel and Joseph got engaged? And then remember when I went and followed them around New York for a day and they looked all perfect, and I mentioned how excited I was to celebrate with them in June? … Continue reading

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Mark & Andrea

Last month we headed down to Charlottesville for the wedding of some college friends. It was so much fun to photograph and attend Mark and Andrea’s wedding! Despite horrible weather and a last minute move to an indoor reception venue, … Continue reading

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Over the next month we will be doing a lot of celebrating. A couple weddings, a couple showers, and couple awesome visitors mean that fall will be starting out with great fanfare, pomp, and not a whole lot of sleep. … Continue reading

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Erica & Mas

When I asked Erica the morning of the wedding what her flowers were, she laughed and told me that they were whatever was at Harris Teater the night before, arranged however her niece had arranged them. But when I asked … Continue reading

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My sister’s wedding.

I have never had a sister. Growing up, I really didn’t mind, as I am kind of an over dramatic middle child who felt that having all the attention as the only female child was her exact due. Admit it, … Continue reading

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Chuck and Amanda

Last month I was able to attend and photograph the wedding of a friend from college. I’m so excited to share some of my favorite images today! Chuck and Amanda, I wish you all the best!

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