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For the ladies.

Of course, most posts on this site are for the ladies. Pretty sure my constituent demographics tend towards the girly end of the spectrum, and I am totally ok with that. (Though if you are a man reading- welcome, try … Continue reading

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Emily & Nick

PS: Nick and Emily’s engagement photos here.

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A Foxy Shower.

I cannot stop feeling humbled and blessed by the way that our community has reached out to embrace this little baby before he comes into the world. Of course, after he comes, he could (will?) be a screaming/pooping banshee, so … Continue reading

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I keep meaning to take the time to sit down and write out a truly meaningful post on such lofty topics as the J.Crew summer 2016 collection (bad) or the lovely DC shower some friends threw a couple weeks back … Continue reading

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New York for the weekend.

The concept of a “babymoon” is kind of ridiculous, as it speaks to a truly spoiled society where we feel entitled to wonderful things and experiences before welcoming into our lives something that promises to also be a wonderful thing … Continue reading

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Entertaining for the masses.

I love having people over for a meal. Entertaining has defined our life the entire time we lived in DC. Though our old place had quite possibly the world’s worst kitchen, and no dishwasher, we routinely hosted big groups of … Continue reading

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Birth plans, birth shame, and strong mothers.

I love hearing about people’s birth plans/stories. It’s not just something I have liked since being pregnant, though admittedly my interest has increased with a date looming over my head when I too will go through The Event. I am … Continue reading

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